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Tourism Promotion

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Tourism promotion

In the field of tourism, ITBIZ provides integrated solutions at both tourism businesses (hotels, travel agencies, etc.) and tourism operators.

Our advantages

The advantage of ITBIZ is the integrated approach to each solution at both design and implementation level as well as the ability of the company to combine state-of-the-art technologies to achieve the desired result.

Tourism promotion for hotels

  • Competition study and promotion plan design
  • Website Development or website redesign in order to reflect properly the image of the accommodation
  • Create high quality digital material that depending on the needs of each unit may include:
    • Photo production
    • Production Digital Video presentation or commercials
    • 360Χ180 Virtual tour including hotspots
  • Managing the hotel’s Internet promotion and Social Media Marketing
  • Connection with online reservation systems (Booking Systems)
  • Providing room reservation engine within the site
  • Channel Manager System to manage multi-room distribution channels (when the hotel is working with multiple Booking systems)
  • Reputation Management Systems
  • Website Maintenance and Digital Marketing

Tourism Promotion for operators and tourism organizations

  • Tourism product analysis (location, area, activity etc.) and promotion plan design
  • Web Portal Development with online services and advanced functionality subembodiment integration
  • Digitization and digital processing of the material
  • Production of three-dimensional models relics (3D models)
  • Material documentation based on international standards (e.g Dublin Core)
  • Primary production of promotional material
    • Photo material
    • Digital Video – Commercial
    • Panoramic photos 360Χ180
  • GIS-type applications with mapping information in cartographic background
  • Virtual tours applications with hotspots included, implementing real routes to attractions, museums, monuments, archaeological sites etc
  • Online Cultural Material Repositories
  • Electronic services that enhance the interaction with the public
  • Web Portals Internet Promotion, SEO and Digital Marketing
  • Reputation Managament
  • Web Portals Maintenance and Support

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