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ISO 9001:2015

Emphasizing the quality of the projects it implements and aiming to achieve the best results, ITBIZ has installed and operates a quality assurance system ISO 9001: 2015

The company’s certification fields include the design and development of information systems and Internet applications, the provision of Internet, IT and Digitization services.

The Company’s Quality Policy is summarized as follows:

  • To achieve and maintain the quality of service it provides, at the level it promises to customers, using the best available technology and know-how.
  • Design, implement and deliver services according to customer requirements. Emphasis will be placed on compliance with applicable technical specifications and compliance with design parameters that customers themselves or market requirements set.
  • Fulfill orders within the agreed deadlines and always in accordance with the conditions set.

The VISION of the Management of the company PATSA C. – FARMAKIS K. G.P.  is the establishment of a company whose name becomes synonymous with high quality in terms of information systems design, Internet service provision, web development, online shops and Internet applications.

The strategy of the company consists of:

  • its competent and qualified staff,
  • to meet customer requirements,
  • striving to provide excellent and quality services,
  • in the effort to develop advanced applications,
  • the commitment to provide all the resources necessary to maintain and continually improve the Quality System according to ISO 9001: 20015.

All employees of PATSA C. – FARMAKIS K. G.P. are responsible for responding to, assimilating and implementing the procedures required by the Quality Management System through their daily activities.