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Your satisfaction is our top priority!

Everything is designed to ensure your optimum satisfaction.!

Many times we ask the spontaneous view and opinion from our customers about the cooperation and just as we receive it we present it to you. Here below are named opinions of our customers, whom we thank for their trust in our company, and we are committed towards the continuous improvement of our services.

Many congratulations on your professionalism and immediacy. Facts that are missing today by many. You are the 'right' hand in our daily routine to do our job right and fast.

— Alco Polls

Thank you for the unique services you offered us in supporting our advertising campaign and for your high level of service and advice on setting up and managing it. We started our partnership with the creation of the corporate site where the abilities of your associates and the excellent and friendly service we received gave us a perfect result that meets our wishes and needs of the market. We believe that the level of service provided makes you far from being the first and most competent in the Internet services.

— Tetris Built Environment

Flawless associates and amazing people. Thank you for supporting us and we are able to implement step by step what we imagine for our work.

— Chryssa - Eva Karamanoli

Business Owners

We have worked on 3 projects so far with ITBIZ and our whole experience was more than positive. Professionalism, expertise and direct support characterize the company and its staff. In ITBIZ we found the partner we were asking for our digital promotion.

— Giorgos Polizos


We have worked with ITBIZ to revamp our corporate page. What we can assure is the high level of responsibility, knowledge and reliability that the company has, which, combined with the very reasonable final cost, make it an excellent choice.

— Asterios Sapounas

Chief Executive

I would like to thank the entire ITBIZ Digital Agency team for their valuable help so far. What we envisioned for safecare became reality at every level, both in functionality and in response. Good luck in your new collaborations!

— Efi Georgakopoulou

SafeCare.gr Platform Manager

Stunning work in building our e-shop. Great help from the whole team with immediate support. Very good prices and awesome interface. I thank ITBIZ Digital Agency for everything and fot the support in everything I needed. Keep up the good work.

— Dimos Stergioulas

v4b.gr e-shop Manager

It has been great working with ITBIZ in developing my new web site! Their attention to detail and expertise helped me create a sight that was just what I needed. I have already received such great compliments and am confident this small investment will be a major boost to my future earnings.
Thank you ITBIZ!

— Katerina Lavidas

Manager at Villa Polyxena Holiday Escapes

ITBIZ created the site of the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology. All the company's partners, but especially Mrs. Chryssa Patsa, with knowledge, desire, passion and kindness were always very willing to meet our every requirement.

— Milly Zifa

Assistant Professor at University of Thessaly

Our cooperation with ITBIZ has been excellent as the highly trained personnel respond immediately and responsibly to every need we have!

— Institute of Training and Education 'AEGEAS'

The cooperation with ITBIZ, which initially concerned to the design of our website and then the management, operation and maintenance, has been and remains flawless from the beggining. Our partnership has significantly improved the profile of EDEYA and gave our members a modern and functional tool for improving the provision of services to the citizens. ITBIZ responses to our requests, suggestions and solutions provided lead to improving our webpage and achieve our goals.
Thank you.

— Olga Kotselidou

Manager at EDEYA

Excellent cooperation and excellent results that brought benefits to our company. It is worth mentioning the support of all personnel of the company. Thank you and we continue with you.

— Metalcom Energy Solutions

Our cooperation with ITBIZ has been excellent during the construction of our site. They quickly embraced our corporate philosophy and gave us a good website, user-friendly and which goes well in search engines. We strongly recommend them!

— Christina Onasoglou

Stylianos Lytras & Sons G.P.

The cooperation of our company Michalopoulos Water Systems with ITBIZ has been very satisfactory. Consistency, efficiency, but above all immediacy, are characteristics of ITBIZ, which, unfortunately, are scarce in our professional space. Thank you for the excellent result, we will continue to trust you.

— Xristos Michalopoulos

Michalopoulos Water Systems

On the occasion of the creation of our new site we would like to warmly thank the team of Itbiz Digital Agency and personally Chryssa Patsa for the aesthetically and functionally perfect result of the website!

— Nikolaos Gamplias

General Manager of Accounting Center

The company PETALAS SA warmly thanks Mrs. Patsa and her team for the implementation of the website as we have imagined it, but also for all the services she has offered us so far.

— Marianna Petala

Sales Manager

We sincerely thank Mrs Chryssa Patsa and Mr. Kostas Farmakis and all of her associates for the excellent collaboration we have for years and for the support of our website from 2008 to today and for the creation of the new website you made us a few days ago for Private Kindergarten Aspa & Xristina Karatziou www.karatziou.gr

— Aspa & Xristina Karatziou

Kindergarten Owners

Thank you so much Chryssa Patsa and the entire ITBIZ Digital Agency team. The end result far exceeded our expectations! I strongly suggest to anyone who wants to create a website and other digital solutions that will make a difference!

— George Karanis

Owner of a luxury villa in Crete

A company with a corporate culture, fully adapted to the new circumstances. A company made to last! In itbiz you enjoy an environment of remarkable people with knowledge, and ethics working with faith and enthusiasm, providing services that are reliable, innovative, flexible and adaptable to the constant changes of the modern business landscape. I believe that my choice to work with itbiz was fully successful. Thank you Itbiz.

— Kyriakos Prattos


I would like to wish you every success in your new venture and I'm sure and there will be the best. Thank you for the excellent cooperation and thank you for the nice website that you created for us.

— Alexandra Papavramidou

Business Owner

My cooperation with ITBIZ was impeccable.
team made our company realized from the beginning our needs and managed in a short time to achieve the result satisfied us completely. A group of young people who have surprised us pleasantly with their creative ideas and immediate solution of all possible problems. The company was and remains beside us in that need making us feel safe and confident in our choice.
Bravo ITBIZ!

— Eri Kantonia

Manager at COSMOS S.A

In the face of ITBIZ personnel we found excellent partner. Highly qualified, fast and flawless support and immediacy in communication. With ITBIZ on our side and we still are able to respond to the difficult and demanding digital era.

— Charikleia Theodorou

Ikiongroup Owner

ITBIZ designed the site of EZE. Member comments of EZE are flattering. Our cooperation is pleasant, prompt and the personnel is available for posting new material or any our requirement. The Board directors of EZE considering the experience and the availability of ITBIZ decided further improvement-upgrade the website done by ITBIZ. Chryssa's kindness, willingness and promptness should be noted.

— Weed Science society of Greece (WSSG)

Just perfect our cooperation with ITBIZ.

— Ioannis Tzioumakis

Tharros Company Manager