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Software for Travel Agencies

Application Travel Agency LB V1.5 is an integrated environment of a Travel Agency Management .

The user application is able to manage accounts of:

  • clients,
  • partners,
  • airline and shipping companies,
  • tours and hotels.

Detail the features of the application are presented below:


  • Customers are stored their personal data , their bookings airline and ferry tickets , as well as tours and hotel reservations.
  • At the same time in the payments tab displayed , debts and their sets, while there is also the possibility of customer analytic movement printing.

Day Fund

  • At day fund printed all credits and debits in the office space that the user specified. So it may not be only day fund, but the week, month, etc. The application supports only costs to partners.
  • There is possibility of recording and other expenses, such as rent, staff payments, electricity, telephone, etc., in addition to the implementation of the module business costs, with additional costs.

Office Moves

  • On office moves are shown in detail all the dummy sets and can filter for controlling certain periods of time.

Partners Moves

  • Partner moves include partner information, and office payments to him. Items that are automatically received are displayed once a customer’s bookmark is booked to that partner.
  • There is also the possibility of applying a time filter as well as detailed prints.

Air-Sea Lines Moves

  • This tab records the airline and shipping company’s assets that are part of the travel agency and displays aggregated data so that the office can control the traffic it is doing with that company.
  • This tab allows the office to negotiate better with the representative of a large company.
  • There is a time filter feature, and a detailed print feature.

Customer and partner debts

  • These two tabs show total customer debts and debts to partners of the tourist office.
  • It is possible to print data in any case including contact numbers.

Create / Change Tour – Employees

  • This section defines the excursions provided by the tour operator, as well as the employees who work there.