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Complex Projects

Web portal of Municipality of Nafplio

1. Design and development frond End and Back End of dynamic system which will support the web portal. More specifically: 1) Design structure of contents and functions of portal, 2) Graphic design (web interface), 3) Content Management System, 4) Developing support subsystems of functions of the portal, including:

Search, Photo Gallery, Video Gallery, Interactive map with specific signaling categorized Points Of Interest– municipal services – sights etc, Digital document library with multiple categorization, News / Announcements, Connection of the portal with Clarity, traffic statistics, Calendar, Weather, Electronic services and other applications of content promotion.

2. Development of digital content – Photoshooting

Recording points of interest and anything else requiring photo. Photoshooting of at least 53 points of interest and 21 villages – local districts, museums, visited sites etc.

3. Collecting and Creating content for the web portal – Material digitization

Gathering in the form of interviews and collection of such documents, of elements for the presentation of all government structures and municipal services, gathering information material for points of interest ( 53 points ), gathering or writing information materials for all municipal units and villages that make up the New Municipal, presentation of multiple content for citizens and visitors. (Other useful information such as Hospitals, Police, Citizen Service Center, Sports Facilities, port, banks, schools, etc)
The project also became digital processing of the material for posting on the Internet. More specifically:

Specific formats of text files
Specific formats of images files
Specific image sizes (various sizes depending on the image point of suspension at the port)

4. Importing and editing content presentation
Importing content (creating individual pages, introduction of multimedia content, etc.) through the Portal Management System.

5. Final checks – additions – corrections

6. Training of municipal strains

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    February 13, 2015

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    Case Studies, website

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