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Larisa Culture Stories

Completed by ITBIZ the project: “Creation of educational material and its dissemination” – SUBPART 2 of the act “Cultural Educational Activities in the Municipality of Larissa with Interactive Character”.

The subject of this project consists of the following sections:


  1. Development and creative synthesis of audiovisual material (DVD of 10 -15)
  2. Development of three interactive educational fairy tales, with material derived from the educational activities of children in secondary and primary education
  3. 360x 180 virtual tours (3D Virtual Tour) throughout the historic center of Larissa
  4. Creation of information / information plates that were placed in four monuments of the city
  5. Produce a publicity brochure of the city’s action and monuments, aimed at students and teachers, schools and parents, and informs about the city’s monuments and the realization of the act.
  6. Creating a poster of the act of publicity of the act.
  7. Organization of an information event.

In all web development projects our company performs the following tasks: competition research, implementation based on the latest technical specifications, designing and integrating functions that facilitate the emergence of business services and products, incorporating and utilizing high quality photographic and audiovisual material, integrated technical controls, site responsive checks on all resolutions (computer, mobile, tablet) and submission of the site to search engines for indexing.

  • Date

    December 14, 2015

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    Larisa Culture Stories

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