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Complex Projects

Digitization of museums of N. Larissa

1. Digitization of material which was selected and documented in a previous sub-project

The digitization of material involved 10 museums in the Prefecture of Larissa and included:

Digitizing old photos of museum objects
Digitizing slide museum objects
Digitizing texts

2. Production of original digital material

Digital Photography (both exterior and interior shots) of museums
Digital photography of museum objects
Special panoramic photos and panoramic 360-degree presentations

3. Digital material processing

The digital editing included all the actions to optimize the entire digital material
Digital editing and photo optimization
Production of digital material in various formats both in high resolution and in analysis and format suitable for Internet viewing
Digitizing and uniformly editing document texts for museums and selected museum objects
Translation of the entire material in English

4. Creating a digital portal for viewing museum material on the Internet

Developing a dynamic web portal for viewing cultural material according to the specifications in two languages ​​(Greek / English)
Design the portal interface environment
Design and development of the content management system through which digital cultural material is managed.
Integrate panoramic 360-degree slides at the portal
Integration of an interactive map with museum signage
Introduction of digital material to the portal – technical checks and commissioning

  • Date

    February 12, 2015

  • Skills


  • Client

    Digitization of museums of N. Larissa

  • Tags

    Case Studies, website

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