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Complex Projects Websites

Digital projection of parishes and monuments of IM Goumenissis, Axioupolis and Polykastro

This long-lasting project concerns the promotion of the outlying parishes of the Holy Metropolis of Goumenissis, Axioupolis and Polykastro, an area in which the parish is identified with the village itself.

At the center of the parish church, with the participation of local communities, and under the auspices of the Metropolis, a pilot digital network of websites was developed involving 10 parishes.

Each individual website has 3 central sections of information

  • The Parish
  • Partial life
  • The area of the parish

All websites are linked with each other and with the metropolis.

For the work of the Rehabilitation and Demonstration of the Metropolitan Church of St. George Goumenissa, a separate website has been developed, which presents and presents all stages of development and implementation of a particularly important project.