The WEB PORTAL Inthessaly developed by our company, with the aim of overall tourist promotion of Thessaly.

ITBIZ has the exclusive support and operation of the portal.

The development of the portal includes the following:

  • Analysis and structure planning contents to international standards
  • Research, collection and analysis of material
  • Documentation destinations and points of interest
  • Writing of all texts included in the portal
  • Photographing destinations and points of interest
  • Video creation
  • Digital editing of audiovisual material
  • Development of the portal to support integrated CMS system
  • Customization gateway functions and development of interactivity
  • Subsystem integration for Booking and connect with online booking system.


  • More than 310 points of interest (villages, beaches, monuments, mansions, archaeological sites, etc.)
  • More than 1800 original high-resolution images
  • Presentation of tourism businesses
  • Interactive maps for each area with potential rooting
  • Detailed directions
  • Activities
  • News
  • Proposals