The implementation of the project included:

1. Digitization of material which was selected and established in former subproject

The material digitization involved 10 museums of the prefecture of Larissa and included:

  • Digitization of old photographs of museum objects
  • Slide digitization of museum objects
  • Digitizing texts
2. Production of original digital material

  • Digital photo shooting (both exterior and interior shots ) of the museums
  • Digital photo shooting of museum objects
  • Special panoramic photo shoots and panorama presentations 360
3. Digital processing hardware

  • The digital processing included all activities to optimize the entire digital material
  • Digital editing and optimization of photos
  • Production of digital content in various formats both in high resolution and in resolution and format suitable for viewing on the Internet
  • Metadata
  • Digitization and uniform processing documentation texts for museums and for museum objects selected
  • Translation of the total material in English
4. Create digital portal view of the Internet museum material

  • Development of dynamic web portal for the promotion of cultural material , in line with the stated requirements in two languages ​​( Greek / English )
  • Design of the environment’s interface of the portal
  • Design and development of content management system , through which the management of digital cultural material takes place.
  • Incorporation in the portal of panoramic presentations 360
  • Incorporation in the portal of interactive map with signaling of the museums
  • Introduction of digital material in the gate – technical inspections and commissioning

ITBIZ undertakes: museum digitization, photo shooting of museum objects, digital processing of content, museum promotion