The project included:

Documentation of 107 Byzantine Monuments of Larissa Prefecture in cooperation with the 7th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities.

  • Photography of Monuments both externally and internally with specifications that there is no damage to the wall, as well as specifications of what exactly included each photographing (per monument)
  • Digital scanning and processing of archive material (photographs and slide) from the archive of 7th Byzantine Antiquities.
  • Digital processing of all photographic material, optimize images and output all required formats and photo sizes (thumbnail, for viewing on the Internet, for printing)
  • Panoramic photography and production of 360 VR Tours for selected locations
  • Production of map and signs of monuments on the map.
  • Production of metadata for each monument documented

The project was implemented by special teams of our company, using special photographic equipment and audiovisual files editing software that our company has.

To complement the existing project, our company undertook and completed the website for the presentation of digital content in the Internet environment.

The ITBIZ undertakes: digitization monuments, panoramic photoshooting monuments, digital processing monuments, museums viewing