The application Restaurant Manager LB v1.0 is a comprehensive management environment of a restaurant. The user of the application has the ability to manage and display:

  • The figures of the day , revenues , expenses and employees.
  • The cumulative work of employees.
  • Debtors and their balances.
  • The daily Z.
  • Analysis of costs.


Detail the features of the application are presented below:
Daily Details

In this tab, the ability to import of the day turnover is given and the number of customers, employees who worked and payments. The day can be printed and can be quickly searched and one days of its features. Prominently shows the totals of the day .

Staff Operations

This option displays a list of employees who worked in the restaurant to the time the user chooses , while also comments that have been made.

Debtors – Balances

In this tab shows the debtors . In each there is the ability to record data relating to the business , such as telephones , addresses or comments relating to trade cooperation . At the same time there is the opportunity to show the rest of the debtor, a time chosen by the user , and there is a corresponding cumulative tab for all debtors .


In this mode the user has the ability to see ( in a period like ) , the economics of the business relating to revenue , the costs to the other , on charges to employees and customers for each day . So the user can see the traffic for the day, or aggregated for the week , month or year .

Costs Analysis

The analysis costs the user (in time wishing ) to see expenses in categories , which show the charges and credits , as well as the percentage occupied by each category .

types of expenses

In this the user tab introduces the types of costs that is interested to describe to his business, so he can choose according to the recording of expenses. These records in startup of the application , with the possibility to add later new types of expenses.