Applying Hair Manager LB is an integrated management environment of a Hairdressing. The user application is able to manage data concerning:

  • clients
  • customer operations
  • markets cosmetics and other products
  • financial transactions
  • suppliers
  • day expenses salon
  • store cosmetics
  • employees work and their yields


Detail the features of the application are presented below:

Customers Tab

Customer card can be registered for each customer:

  1. Personal customer data.
  2. The work performed in the salon.
  3. The markets cosmetics and other products that has made.
  4. Financial transactions.

Additionally, the user can be informed to customers who have a birthday, as well as for their debts . Debts can be printed in any client except the amount displayed and contact numbers .

Suppliers Tab

In suppliers tab the client can import:

  1. Supplier information
  2. Product markets ( tariffs)
  3. Financial transactions that the hairdresser with him.

Additionally, the user can activate the temporal filter to derive information for the period.

Other Day Expenses

In this tab, the user enters the cost of the salon ( except for costs to SUPPLIERS ).

View Finance

In this tab the user can show the income and expenses of the salon , for a specified period , while it can print detailed and / or aggregated reports

Warehouse Tab

In this tab the user can display / print the product warehouse movements, as well as the centralized image . In this tab, the user also introduces the use of products from their use in service .

Employees Tab

In this tab the user can import / displays:

  1. Personal information of employees.
  2. Work and sales of each employee.
  3. Financial transactions of the salon with the employee.
  4. Sets and returns the employee.

The user can apply and temporal filter , to obtain information for specific intervals ( example the performance of the employee in the previous period )

Auxiliary Operations Tab

In this tab the user enters information relating to:

  1. Services provided
  2. Products that move
  3. Types of Fees
  4. User’s Personal Expenses

Additionally, the user can extract statistics on the movement of the salon in Excel, as well as the mobile phones of customers also in Excel.