Application Gymware LB v3.1 is an integrated management of a gym environment . The user of the application has the ability to manage and display:

  • Customer information.
  • Their visits.
  • Their sports programs.
  • The economics of enterprise.
  • customer lists specific criteria.
  • Statistics.

Detail the features of the application are presented below :


In customer tab there are a number of possibilities regarding the overall movement of the customer. More specifically , the user can for each customer:

  • search him according to the code , last name or phone,
  • to insert the sports programs,
  • to copy a sports program from a client,
  • put a presence in each appearance,
  • check the presences on specified dates,
  • import charges and payments , with the option to issue receipts.
  • insert personal notes.

At the same time can show :

  • customers who have come long,
  • customers has ended their subscription
  • Statistical men and women in a given period


In this option the user can have an overview of the economic enterprise , as regards:

  • Customer income.
  • Other income.
  • Expenses.
  • Day Fund.
  • Pooled data given period.
  • Customer debts


In this tab the user can enter:

  • exercises for sports programs,
  • available customer packages,
  • types of costs,
  • Password use of limited entry screens.

Throughout the application there are screens that do not allow access without entering appropriate code , such as financial , or personal notes for a customer.

Import data from other programs

The application has the ability to import data from other commercial programs such as customers , etc. payments in the event that the commercial program can extract these records on file. This introduction is made by our company and additionally charged .

Safe Codes

The application has to operate in an environment other person use (eg secretariat ) , where ( for example financial data ) are not specific functions appear.

Using security code from the controller to the application , are activated and additional features . Security codes have the ability to change from the controller application .