Applying Beauty Center LB v2.0 is a Integrated management interface a beauty center . The user of the application has the ability to manage and display:

  • Any members’ accounts.
  • Orders services stalled.
  • Due members to services and cosmetics.
  • The overall movement of the center.
  • Appointments.
  • Phone calls.
  • A list of future members.


Detail the features of the application are presented below:
Membership Cards

On membership cards stored and processed in the following:

  • Personal information.
  • Ordering services.
  • Visits.
  • Payments.
  • Shopping Cosmetics.
  • Weight and Body Measurements.
  • Telephone Connections.

In this tab, the ability to quickly search a given State , while the user can see a list of members who have birthdays this period.

Orders delayed

This option displays a list of members who have days to make an appointment . The user can identify the members who wants to see more information or to register the phone with them.


In this tab shows the membership dues in order and cosmetics markets. In each entry are the telephone numbers , the remaining hours , and there is the option to view personal record of each member for displaying information concerning it.

Overall Situation

The overall economic situation is the mirror of the business. There are shown the total order amounts , the amounts of individual services and the amounts of packets.

The overall economic picture comprises turnovers , balances , hours ordered , executed or pending , as well as amounts relating to the sale of cosmetics .

In this tab there is the potential to filter application for direct viewing of the amounts in the month , week or any other period.


In this tab appointments displayed and their status ( executed , canceled , closed ) in days that the user will select.

There is also the possibility to print the date on which the user wants to better prepare the center.

Phone Calls

In this tab telephone communications appear to have been made by the center, with the observations made in order to better assess the person responsible.

For the best operation is a time filter to display only the telephone calls made ​​in a given period .


In this tab lists the people who are not yet members , but their data the operator center . These individuals only recorded telephone calls made ​​and their personal information.

If any person becomes a member automatically transferred to the Members tab without having to write their data again .


Tab is the head of the center enter data relating to the business , such as cosmetics, services , branches operating center ( body , face, hands , etc. ), or employees who work in the center.