In CULTURE section, ITBIZ offers documentation solutions, digitization and promotion of cultural resources.

The company’s services are aimed at cultural institutions, public and private museums and local authorities.

By applying scientific methodologies and offering specialized teams and experience in similar projects, the company has the ability to provide solutions to every requirement for cultural heritage promotion.

The company’s services with regard to cultural promotion include:

  • Cultural product analysis and marketing plan design
  • Construction site with integration of electronic services and advanced functionality subembodiment
  • Digitization and digital processing projection equipment
  • Production of three-dimensional models of relics and museum objects (3D models)
  • Cultural material documentation based on international standards (e.g. Dublin Core)
  • Production of primary cultural material promotional material
    • Digital photography
    • Digital Video
    • Panorama pictures 360×180 degrees both indoors and outdoors
  • GIS-type applications with mapping information in cartographic background
  • Interactive space imaging applications based on floor plans
  • Virtual tours applications with hotspots inserts implementing real journeys to museums, monuments, archaeological sites, etc.
  • Cultural material online repositories
  • Creating digital cultural material lists
  • Electronic services that enhance the interaction with the public
  • Promotion portals in Internet, SEO and digital marketing
  • Maintenance and support portals


ITBIZ has specialized staff, special equipment and software for the provision of these services and in any case apply concrete scientific methodologies to protect the originals, to ensure perfectly each project.


The Experience of the company in cultural promotion includes:

  • Projects in archaeological museums and exhibits
  • Enhancement projects folklore
  • Emergence of Byzantine and post-Byzantine monuments
  • Highlighting archaeological sites