ITBIZ undertakes to provide solutions to business needs by developing software that is designed on the specific requirements of companies and organizations.

Software Development Process

  • Customer’s needs research
  • Defining standards in cooperation with the customer
  • Project framework definition (time, cost, mode of cooperation)
  • System design based on the specifications and determination of operational characteristics in agreement with the customer
  • Software dvelopment
  • Completing the software and proper function tests
  • Installation and delivery of the application and user manuals


Software Development Services

  • Development of specialized software for professions (Light Business software serie)
  • Control programs development
  • Development of specialized software
  • Commercial management and warehouse control programs
  • Remote control of the software we develop


Types of Specialized Software applications

  • Production control software
  • Costing program
  • Warehouse monitoring program
  • Customer management software (CRM)
  • Work / Service Managaement software
  • Fund monitoring software
  • Electronic filing software in a network environment
  • Database applications
  • Computerization software


Technologies we use

ASP, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server, C, C++, DELPHI, MS Access


ITBIZ provides software development services throughout Greece and especially: Larissa, Thessaloniki, Athens and Nafplion