ITBIZ has considerable expertise in the field of e-learning systems development, LMS (Learning Management Systems) installation and customization and digital educational content development, compatible with SCORM protocol and AICC.


ITBIZ is registered by the ADL, the creator of the SCORM protocol, as SCORM ADOPTER, for its platform and educational content development, too.

Related certification references from ADL and University of Piraeus

LMS/LCMS Conformance

Content Conformance
Confirmation from University of Piraeus

Educational content compatible with SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 and AICC

ITBIZ develops digital educational content which is compatible with SCORM protocol and AICC and is characterized by the following:

  • Image, audio, animation and video included
  • Evaluation Tests and Quizzes included
  • The educational content can be structured based on educational requirements
  • The educational content can be come from Power point presentation content


LMS Platforms

ITBIZ provides solutions for the installation and configuration of LMS, which support both synchronous and asynchronous distance education.


LMS for Synchronous and Asynchronous e-learning:

  • Possibility of on-line courses contruction, which can be formated as HTML or multimedia.
  • POssibility of on-line evaluation tests creation which are automatically checked and rated by the system.
  • Multiple communication and interaction between trainers and trainees
  • Private messages, Course forum, Course announcements
  • Multiple monitoring of learning process per course
  • Monitoring trainee’s actions in the course
  • Trainees’ on-line evaluation results recording
  • Trainee’s performance tracking
  • Assignments per trainee
  • Grades registration and monitoring
  • e-Course statistics
  • On-line registration in a course
  • Monitoring and Management of the on-line registrations
  • Search possibity in the whole content
  • Compatibility with SCORM/AICC, for inserting educational packages
  • W3W, WCAG and Section 508


Technical Characteristics:

  • Multiple user roles support (administrators, trainers, trainees)
  • User Authentication system
  • Template Customization


Synchronous Learning Process (Virtual Class)

ITBIZ having its own servers to support distance education, implements LMS incorporating virtual classes

  • Designing curriculum and set the day and time of the course for videoconferences
  • The participants login the e-course the time setted and the course starts when the trainer logs in
  • Video and audio support through camera and microphone
  • Live chat support between the participants
  • Blackboard (virtual) used by the trainer for Live presentation through files (ppt., .doc, .pdf) or live notes
  • Virtual Class functions, “Raise hand” possibility, file sharing etc
  • Webconference recording and Listing of the recordings


ITBIZ undertakes LMS development services and educational material throughout Greece and especially in Larissa, Thessaloniki, Athens and Nafplio.