The development of an e-shop is based on two main pillars: a) the correct functional design and technical implementation, and b) the proper business operation and promotion of the shop.

ITBIZ offers comprehensive solutions in design and development electronic of e-shops, which provide both technical and operational excellence of applications, and optimal management and promotion.

Services for e-shops development:

  • Research Competition – Definition of the e-shop targets
  • Functions plan of the e-shop
  • Graphic design of online shops (e-shops)
  • Development of B2C e-stores
  • Development of Β2Β e-stores
  • Creating – Customization of products catalog and automated import of products
  • Links to electronic payment systems for credit card charge
  • e-Shops promotion (SEO, SMM, Advertising Campaigns, Digital content production)
  • Technical support of e-shops

Solutions characteristics:

Basic e-shop functions

  • Company presentation.
  • Product catalog with unlimited categories / subcategories of products, determination of product display order in multiple ways, detailed product view with ability to present multiple photos and variants of the product, Stock products
  • Multiple modes of presentation / Search product (based on manufacturer, category, price, etc.)
  • Special search product filters that facilitate the user
  • Featured products, new products and Best sellers displayed in homepage
  • Discount coupons
  • Similar products display
  • Wish list
  • SEarch function using keywords based on the manufacturer
  • Offers and Discounts support
  • Calculating shipping cost based on parameters
  • Shopping cart and online order
  • Customer account and history of orders
  • Integrated management system of the eshop, product catalog, orders and all operating parameters.
  • Ability to integrate special functions depending on the type of eshop and objectives

Electronic Payment Systems

  • Connection between eshop and bank for the charge of credit cards
  • Connection betweeen eshop and intermediary banking systems such as PayPal

Special functions of B2C e-shops

  • Interaction systems for e-customers (live Help)
  • News Letter
  • Special forms for offers request
  • Bulk import of products in an automated way
  • Integration with ERP systems for obtaining price information and availabilities
  • Groups of customers and orders
  • Presentation of featured products through video
  • Questionnaires market research

Special functions of B2B e-shops

  • Associates accounts activation through Backend
  • B2B Customers categories with diversification discount rates
  • Prices display after login
  • Import data from third ERP systems and computer systems (supported only for Custom solutions)

e-Shop Promotion

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Google campaigns with Google Adwords
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Listings in directories and online magazines
  • E-mail marketing
  • On-line competitions

e-Shop support

  • e-Shop operation support
  • Products import
  • Orders management

ITBIZ undertakes the development and design of e-shops throughout Greece and especially in Larissa, Thessaloniki, Athens and Nafplio.