Digitization and Digital editing

ITBIZ has special equipment and workshops providing complete digitization solutions in its projects. ITBIZ has particular expertise in the documentation and digitization of culture and tourism content.

Our company can also cover, as digital agency, the total needs of our client regarding digitization & amp; production of high quality promotional material.

The digitization and digital content creation depends on the existence of appropriate infrastructure and expertise in the subject of digital processing, so as the final material obtained to meet the required quality standards and technical specifications.

The equipment of our company includes:

  • High Definition Professional Video Cammeras
  • Professional DSLR cameras for digital photoshooting and HD Video
  • Special lenses for video capture and image architecture
  • Lenses and special heads for panoramic images
  • Special Scanners and Digitizers
  • Support equipment (Tripods, cold and warm lighting, reflectors, dolly, special flashes, etc)
  • Special lighting for capturing Video and photographing large objects
  • Light Soft Boxes for product photoshooting
  • Equipment for three-dimensional photorealistic visualization and production of three-dimensional models (3D models)
  • Special Software for 360Χ180 degrees panoramas production
  • Special Software for Virtual Tours production
  • Special Software for 3D models editing
  • Image editing software
  • Video editing and publishing software
  • Audio editing software
  • Multimedia presentations Development Software (online, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM)
  • OCR Software
  • E-books and PDF Documents software
  • Digital compositions software (Flash, Flipping books etc)

The digitization services provided by the company are as follows:

  • Digital content documentation
  • Digital photoshooting and documentation of cultural, archaeological and tourist resources
  • Product photoshooting both small and large objects
  • Company photoshooting
  • Panoramic photoshooting and 360X180 degrees Virtual Tours production
  • Images Digitization and Digital editing
  • Digital videoshooting, editing and production of promotional videos and video spots
  • Video Digital editing and Video production in streaming format (for the internet)
  • Audio Digitization & Digital editing
  • 3D modeling
  • Books digitization and e-books, PDF documents creation

Development of multimedia digital material

  • Multimedia On-Line presentations
  • On-Line interactive games
  • CD-ROM production for tourist presentation and promotion
  • CD-ROM production for products or services presentation
  • CD-ROM for company profile presentation
  • Applications for Info-Kiosks presentation
  • 2D and 3D advertising productions
  • DVD Video presentations
  • Digital Signage applications (management and presentation of multimedia content in TV Panel clusters)
  • Digital content development for Digital Signage applications

ITBIZ provides digitization services and production of digital material throughout Greece.