ITBIZ workforce consists firstly of experienced executives, with fifteen years of experience in the IT area, and also by specialized partners with high expertise in the objects that they are dealing with.

Short CVs

Chryssa Patsa [C.E.O]

  • Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), ΜΒΑ University of Sheffield (UK).
  • Βroad experience possessed in business administration, management of Community and national projects in internet technologies, e-business, in multimedia technologies, web design products, the design of integrated information systems and distance education (LMS).
  • She has specialized in the promotion of cultural and cultural material with the combined use of new technologies (Internet, On-line multimedia and CD-ROM)
  • She has presented wide scholars and writings and has designed complex On-line information systems.
  • Responsible for the conceptual design of web applications developed by the company and the design of new products and solutions that the company offers.
  • She is responsible for the company’s business planning and implementation of the Quality Assurance System


Costis Farmakis [Digital media development]

  • Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), MSc in Graphic Arts and Multimedia (Greek Open University)
  • He has specialized in developing electronic multimedia educational material and also has significant expertise and experience in the field of needs analysis and design software and information systems applications.
  • He has experience and expertise in digital photography, taking video, editing multimedia content and creating 360 Virtual Tours


Chris Megas [ Lead Programmer – R&D ]

  • Degree in Computer Science, University of Crete
  • He has significant experience in the analysis and planning software applications, the design and development of information systems based on the technology of the Internet, network management and design network systems.
  • He has excellent knowledge in Internet technologies, design, development and management of IP networks and servers. His expertise includes C/C++, Java, J2EE, ASP, PHP, Perl XML, Javascript, VBScript, Servlets, web services and Databases (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle).


Vasilis Christakos [Responsible for Attica – Peloponnese]

  • Archaeologist, Degree in History and Archaeology (University of Crete) and Degree in Information Technology and Telecommunications (TEI of Larissa).
  • He has experience in organizing and managing projects.
  • He has significant expertise in business use of technologies of the Internet, the network technologies and electronic business.
  • He also has significant experience in designing and viewing shots online business marketing, agencies and organizations.
  • Responsible for the company’s partnerships in Attica and the Peloponnese.


Giannis Gougoulias [Senior programmer – Responsible for the Web Development team]

  • Degree in Information Technology and Telecommunications (TEI of Larissa)
  • Expertise in Internet technologies and especially in CMS and e-shop development.
  • Expertise in WEB projects management and Web Design.


Chrysa Souliou [Web Development – SEO]

  • Degree in Digital Systems (University of Piraeus)
  • MSc in Digital Systems and Services, specialized in e-learning technologies (University of Piraeus)
  • Expertise in WEB projects management, Web Design and Digital Marketing.


Tilemachos Stylianos [Technical Support of Computer Systems and Networks]

  • Degree in Computer Engineering (ASETEM – SELETE ATHENS). Graduate in Department of Information Systems Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences at the Open University of Cyprus.
  • Technical Support Manager Computer Systems and Networks.
  • He has excellent knowledge of the telecommunications infrastructure technologies of optical WDM networks. His expertise covers the All – Optical Networks (core level) and Fiber to the Home (final user level).
  • He has significant experience in designing and developing information systems that utilize web technologies. His expertise includes PHP, Javascript, VBScript, Servlets, web services and Databases (SQL Server, MySQL).